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New Customs: Sin Cara Negro, Dolph Ziggler, and Ultimate Warrior January 15, 2012

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs.

Sin Cara Negro- The black and silver Sin Cara pointedly told the world that the blue and gold Sin Cara had stolen his identity as Mistico in the past and proclaimed that their match at WWE Hell in a Cell would decide who would be known as Sin Cara. This is Hunico with the mask.

Dolph Ziggler- With his sculpted physique and cocksure attitude, Ziggler gives off the aura of an athlete who knows exactly what he’s doing. World champion in 2012? Maybe the Royal Rumble can give us a clue soon.

Ultimate Warrior- My favorite wrestler in history. Don’t ask me why! This is my Mattel elite version of the famous 1 of 5 USA “Warrior America” exclusive by Jakks Pacific in 2004/



1. Andrew - April 7, 2012

where can i order?!!!!????!!

2. jonah - July 23, 2012

where can we order

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