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New Customs: Kane, Sheamus, and Bret Hart January 8, 2012

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs.

Kane – Wherever Kane goes, all-out annihilation travels swiftly by his side. And until the day that he is finally at peace, his “Big Red” shadow will undoubtedly continue to strike fear in the hearts of anyone who dares steps in the ring with him. This figure depicts his resurrection and current carnage in WWE.

Sheamus – In a relative short span of time, Sheamus has accomplished what other Superstars work their entire careers to attain. And any Superstar with the guts to take him on will face more than the “luck of the Irish.” They will also be taking on the pure brutality of one of its most dangerous countrymen.

Bret Hart – Almost a decade after his last taste of championship merit, The Hit Man’s triumph emphasized a key ideal of the statement he made famous so many years before. Enduring a career-ending injury and stroke, through so much controversy and tragedy, Bret Hart reaffirmed why he truly is the “best there ever will be.” This figure is from his WCW stint.



1. Kane the ressurection - February 1, 2012

How much the kane ressurection please

Kane the ressurection - February 1, 2012

Ok please let me know im intereste for this kane end how much the sting and scott hall ok thank that toys is so awesome

2. A-Jay - October 23, 2012

How do you order these?

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