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New Customs: Ultimate Warrior Army! August 29, 2011

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs.

Here’s an army of Ultimate Warriors I did for an order:

USA-themed – Loosely based on his Royal Rumble ’91 attire, Warrior was made into an ultra rare Limited Exclusive in the form of the “Warrior America” action figure. Here is a version of it.

WrestleMania VII – Arguably the best match of Warrior’s career – thanks to the perfectionist nature of one “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Both grapplers are immortalized in Warrior’s attire, which remains one of his most memorable.

Ultimate Maniacs – Another Savage/Warrior collaboration brought about the insane tag team that never was. It did, however, show us some pretty awesome singlets.

The “Brick” – This was among Warrior’s most popular singlet designs and was featured prominently on his promos and WWF Magazine pictures.

WrestleMania V – The first title match Warrior had at any WrestleMania was his Intercontinental title defense against “Ravishing” Rick Rude, where he literally bounced Rude like a basketball. Warrior was hugely popular at this time, and little did people know that WWF’s creatives were building him up for something huge the following year.

WrestleMania VIII – His physique changed a lot when he returned at WrestleMania VIII (hence, “The Ultimate Journey” at the back of his trunks), prompting people to think that it was a different performer under the facepaint. This was a lousy run and never compared to his initial rise to the top.

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1. john - December 4, 2011

where can i get the red warrior at

2. john - December 11, 2011

can u email me n let me know how i can order some custom figres please http://www.jjemerich6@gmail.con thanks

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