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New Customs: Mattel Jeff Hardy and Deluxe Sheamus January 31, 2011

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs.

Probably the most wanted Mattel figure now is the elusive Jeff Hardy figure that almost made it to stores – but not quite. Hardy left the WWE and shortly after that all releases of his figures were cancelled, leaving collectors stumbling for the few loose prototypes and the few store-released MOCs that can be counted by human fingers. So for all those who wanted this Jeff Hardy, this custom is for you!

I also made another Sheamus, this one in Deluxe Aggression form and in his new gold-trimmed King of the Ring colors, and with a steel chair from Extreme Rules. Sheamus will never be made in any of Jakks’ action figure forms so this is a great addition to your collection of WWE’s current roster.

Check them out on eBay! Also take a look at the new rubber bracelets I put up, they’re perfect for gifts for your little ones!



1. Declan - February 26, 2011

how mutch sheamus

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