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Rare Wrestling Photographs January 3, 2011

Posted by skribbel24 in WWE.

Andre the Giant.

A thin Andre – very young at the time.

Precious Paul Ellering, before he managed the Road Warriors.

Do you recognize Jake “The Snake” Roberts?

The Bushwhackers looking a bit respectful.

The Rock was just a pebble.

Before she was a wrestler and Playboy model, Sable was a high school chick.

Honky Tonk Man minus the Elvis gimmick.

A rare picture of the legendary bodyslam.

X-Pac barely in his teens.

Davey Boy was younger than DH Smith in this pic.

Souvenir picture prior to their SummerSlam ’94 match.

Undertaker not looking so Undertaker.

Earthquake was a champion sumo wrestler before entering pro wrestling.

Warrior wearing his WM6 attire against Rick Rude.

Warrior looking so cool.

The Road Warriors with weird hairdos.



1. joseph - January 3, 2011

aweome pics skribbel

joseph - January 3, 2011


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