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Even death can’t stop Brock! July 6, 2010

Posted by skribbel24 in WWE.

Brock Lesnar got pounded a million times in the face and still went on to finish the fight with a submission. Who can stop Brock Lesnar? Johnny Lawrence from WF made some very interesting points about this fight, to wit:

I think it depends on what everyone learned from last night (including Brock, Carwin, and Velasquez) and how they adapt their training and strategies to that.

  • We learned that Lesnar’s chin is great and he’s hard to knock out, so blowing your wad trying to do it in less than 5 minutes is poor strategy.
  • We learned that Carwin needs a combination of better cardio and better pacing (i.e., know when to slow yourself down).
  • We learned that somebody is definitely trying to teach Lesnar submissions and Brock is capable of spotting the opening for a choke and willing to take advantage of it (doesn’t make him a submissions wizard, but it does add one more element for his opponents to train to avoid).
  • We learned Brock can fight through pain and avoid being overwhelmed (so trying to overwhelm him with strikes is more of a gamble… your stamina vs. Brock’s will to keep fighting).
  • We learned that a good wrestler can hang with Brock on the ground so long as he’s inflicting enough damage to keep control (otherwise, it’s a matter of time before Brock’s power and wrestling ability put him back in the advantage).

All of those things are fascinating because I trust that Lesnar, Carwin and Velasquez will take them into account in future training and game-planning. So if Carwin and Lesnar rematch at some point after Velasquez fights Brock, I doubt either guy will make the same mistakes… which makes it a whole new fight, and really fascinating to think about.



1. wwefigurecollector - July 7, 2010

hey skribbs is it ok to use scissors to remove the head of a jakks wwe action figure? or do i have to use something else? thanks

2. Duke Dude - July 13, 2010

No, you have to boil a kettle of hot water. Then you out the figure into it, leave it for like 5-10 mins, the it out and pop off the head!

Sorry, I know your not Skibs,but he usually doesn’t reply to questions!

Luke 🙂

3. mackenzie - July 15, 2010

why does every one say 5 to 10 minutes on parts??? it takes me 30 seconds to do it and there is no cracking. and btw wwefigurecollector, dont ever, i mean ever try and take an arm or a head or whatever off with scissors.


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