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New Custom: Mattel Crow Sting April 3, 2010

Posted by skribbel24 in Uncategorized.

These new Mattel figures are getting addicting! Just in time for the weekend, here is my Mattel version of the biggest superstar to never wrestle for Vince McMahon – the legend himself, Sting.

Best part of it is he is on eBay! Together with Owen Hart, they are both available for bidding – just click here!



1. mr. ziggy - April 3, 2010

That Sting custom is just too wicked cool! You should add some more shots, some close-ups to get a better look at it. Amazing figure, never imagined Sting could look so awesome in a Mattel version.

2. lei-pain - April 6, 2010

are you serious are you sure you made that or did sting just sign for wwe VERY VERY GREAT CUSTOM you never dissapoint

3. lei-pain - April 6, 2010

who are you planing on next possibly aj styles mcmg suicide would ne awsome your so good i bet you could make them

4. lei-pain - April 7, 2010

skribs unless you know there doing a custom countdown or something like that if u aint already joined go to wrestlingfigs.com

5. eddie - April 9, 2010

How much for custom mattel crow sting

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