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New Customs: Hayabusa and Ox Baker February 16, 2010

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs.

Hayabusa, whose real name is Eiji Ezaki (江崎 英治), is a former Japanese professional wrestler who competed primarily for Atsushi Onita’s Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling promotion. “Hayabusa” means “Falcon” or “Phoenix.” Hayabusa is known for wrestling very dangerous matches, involving barbed wire and explosives. In October 2001, Hayabusa suffered an injury during a match against Mammoth Sasaki while attempting a springboard moonsault. Hayabusa was considered the heart and soul of FMW, and after his departure, FMW slowly folded.

Ox Baker is an American former professional wrestler and actor who was feared for his dreaded finishing move, the Heart Punch, sometimes called the “Hurt Punch”, after Baker’s famous catchphrase “I LOVE to hurt people!” He has appeared in several movies including Blood Circus and Escape from New York. During his years as a territorial wrestler Baker had gained a reputation as an accomplished cook, saving money on the road by avoiding restaurants and cooking meals for his fellow wrestlers himself. Sometime after his retirement Baker wrote and privately published his own cookbook/memoirs.



1. joseph - February 16, 2010

the ox baker is great skribbel and i can’t wait till ox and link arrive so i can add them to my collection (although i haven’t seen link yet but i know skribbel has done or will do a great job with him to
you rock skribbel

2. Damien Phoenix - February 16, 2010

Looking forward of having Hayabusa shipped over. They look great ^_^

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