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New Custom: The Undertaker (HIAC from King of the Ring ’98) December 23, 2009

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Here’s the Undertaker from King of the Ring ’98. The Undertaker vs. Mick Foley (then in his Mankind persona), the third ever Hell in a Cell match. According to Foley (in a story recounted on the Hell in a Cell DVD set), his decision to start the match on the top of the Cell was inspired by a conversation days before with his mentor and friend, Terry Funk. A couple of minutes into the match, The Undertaker threw Mankind off of the top of the Cell, which was a full 16 feet tall, onto the Spanish Announcers’ table.

The footage of that fall has since become one of the most used clips in professional wrestling history, and inspired play-by-play commentator Jim Ross to utter what is considered the most memorable comment in the history of professional wrestling: “Good God almighty, good God almighty! That killed him! As God as my witness, he is broken in half!” Even though paramedics and WWF officials tried to stretcher Foley out of the arena, he got off the stretcher and went back to the ring to finish the match.

Later, back on the roof of the Cell, Undertaker chokeslammed Mankind through the roof onto the unbudging ring below (this was a botch, and was never supposed to happen), causing Jim Ross to scream “Good God! Good God!!” while his broadcast partner Jerry “The King” Lawler muttered softly “That’s it; he’s dead”. Ross added, “Will somebody stop the damn match?! Enough is enough!” When the match ended, Foley insisted that he not be carried out on a stretcher as he was earlier, but to be allowed to walk out; ultimately, he was helped to the back by WWF officials.

Here is a video of the brutal match. This video may not be suitable for minors:



1. Damien Phoenix - December 23, 2009

I remember that match it was so good one of my favorite Hardcore matches. The Undertaker looks really good, very nice job A+ ^_^

2. Duke Dude - December 25, 2009

I am the owner of this AWESOME ‘Taker and a proud one, too. Skribbel did a FLAWLESS job and it is better than I ever thought it would be. It has ASTONISHING detail added to it and is by far one of my best Christmas presents EVER! Every wrestling figure fan should, at some stage, order a custom from the “King of Custom” Skribel24!!! I guarantee you he will do an OUTSTANDING job on it, regardless of who it is you order! Thanks soooooo much Skribs! I absoloutely LOVE the figure and you did a GREAT job!

Luke 🙂

(P.S. I will e-mail you pics for your “Do You Have a Skribbel Custom?” post and hopefully you will post pics of me with the materpiece that is your custom Taker)

Once again, Thank You Sooo Much!

3. JamesDX - February 15, 2010

Anyone know how to do things like this?

4. taylor19 - March 1, 2010

You know what would be really cool is to make a taker with his mask he wore after yokozona “smashed” his face or a taker in the kane out fit with a removeable mask like he wore during a raw maybe i can’t remember. does anyone else no what im talking about he was dressed like kane everyone thought it was kane then he removed the mask and it was the undertaker.

5. devon - March 21, 2010

are you gonna make any mattel custom figures and you should make a sheamus.

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