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New Customs: Crow Sting and Joker Jeff Hardy October 10, 2009

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs.

Sting finally returns to eBay! This Crow Sting comes with his entrance coat and in traditional black and white colors. Sting is and always be one of wrestling’s biggest icons who never worked with Vince McMahon. Click on the picture to go to the auction.

I’ve always wanted to do this version of Jeff Hardy. It’s a customized attire inspired by The Joker character from The Dark Knight. This is my take on the figure, which has been done by other customizers in the past. The facepaint was done in “realistic imperfect” style, the way Heath Ledger’s makeup was applied. Click on the picture to go to the auction.

Thanks for looking and be sure to bid! The auctions start at a penny! Have a great weekend everybody.



1. Deepfreeze-Customs - October 10, 2009

Hi my friend!

Good to see you´re back on ebay with your awesome work!

I love your version of Jeff Joker, especially the facepaint looks unreal!

Keep it up!

2. Duke Dude - October 10, 2009

Wooooooow! I thought yoUr retirement match Jeff was like the best custom you ever made but I stand corrected! These are by far to of the best customs I have ever seen from you! Hope the Undertaker I have Undertaker I have ordered turns out as good as these did!


3. Dylan - October 10, 2009

I got to tell you skribbel,
Unreal work and tremendous customs. YOU are better than JAKKS PACIFIC. Im making a retirement match jeff hardy now and i hope it comes out as good as yours. gret work my friend.


4. skribbel24 - October 11, 2009

Thank you guys, I appreciate the compliments!

cole - May 6, 2011

when are u going to have them back in stock so i can buy them

5. William - October 12, 2009

i think jokers pants was purple
but who cares
your work is awesome dude

6. Rocker24/7 - October 15, 2009

Nice, likeing the Jeff Hardy! Awesome figures dude, you gonna collect the new DA TNA Figures?

7. Mattelsuxjakksrulz - October 18, 2009

Hey skribbel ur figs are awesome! I was wondering, how much would u charge for A TNA hardy, Sean O’haire, and a custom attitude era Sable?


8. Mattelsuxjakksrulz - October 18, 2009

Sorry! * Tna hardy, AND The rock return with the jeans and tanktop(Not sean ohaire) lol, and A custom sable

Once again, sorry hehe

9. Fender Bender - October 24, 2009

You probally dont rember me but i bought a brood christian and an ecw return christian a while ago i just wanted to stop by and say hi and also wondering the price on a filipino flag batista figure

10. aaron - November 23, 2009

how much would the jeff joker be

11. cole - May 4, 2011

this is awesome

12. cole - May 4, 2011

u should go back in stock

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