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New Customs: Billy & Chuck and Randy “The Ram” Robinson September 13, 2009

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs.

A storyline began in which Chuck Palumbo and Billy Gunn became increasingly affectionate toward each other, showing evidence of a homosexual relationship. The duo adopted matching red ring gear and bleached their hair with Chuck beginning to wear pigtails. Developmental talent Rico was placed in the role of their crafty “personal stylist”.

In September 2002, Chuck proposed marriage to Billy, and Billy accepted. Their ceremony was aired on SmackDown. During the wedding, Gunn and Palumbo revealed that their homosexuality was merely a publicity stunt that had gone too far, and they admitted they were only friends.

Next up is Randy “The Ram” Robinson from the movie The Wrestler.

Randy “The Ram” Robinson (Mickey Rourke), is a professional wrestler who was a celebrity in the 1980s. He is now past his prime and wrestling on the weekends for various independent promotions in the Elizabeth, New Jersey area. After a show, a promoter proposes a 20th anniversary rematch with his most notable opponent, the Ayatollah (Ernest Miller), who now owns a used car dealership in Arizona. Their first match together sold out Madison Square Garden, and Randy agrees to the rematch, hoping this high-profile match will increase his reputation.



1. mackenzie - September 13, 2009

those are awesome but i think robinson had some tattoos right?

2. Duke Dude - September 18, 2009

i tink so

3. William Patrick Vengeance - September 22, 2009

yeah he had some tattoos

4. Duke Dude - September 24, 2009

ye-i was lookin at pics- he did

5. ewfpivot - September 30, 2009

you should use a shawn michaels head for randy but its still class

6. mackenzie - September 30, 2009

no it should be a da zack ryder head

7. Andre - October 3, 2009

are we able to buy a Randy “The Ram” Robinson figure?

8. Olegario Guzman - October 6, 2009


9. Jimi - December 1, 2009

am i too late to order the randy the ram figure? or is it possible to make another?

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