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Do You Have a Skribbel Custom? Part 8 August 9, 2009

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs.

Sam, a huge collector from the UK, sent this picture in. He is a proud owner of an American Badass Undertaker custom by Skribbel24 in Deluxe Aggression Classic Superstars form. The figure joins his army of hundreds of wrestling figures on his collection wall!

Do you have a Skribbel Custom in your collection? Send me an email with pictures of my customs displayed with the rest of your collection and I’ll post them here!



1. mackenzie - August 9, 2009

nice custom man how many do you have?

2. Duke Dude - August 10, 2009

How long have you been collecting skribbels customs?

3. mackenzie - August 10, 2009


4. Duke Dude - August 10, 2009


5. megatron - August 10, 2009

how much is the american badass undertaker figure?

6. mackenzie - August 11, 2009

uh about half a year gonna get one more soon though trust me ill send a pic when i get it

7. Duke Dude - August 11, 2009


8. mackenzie - August 11, 2009

ya ill have 3 by the end of the day right when it gets in ill send a pic

9. mackenzie - August 11, 2009

i dont mean it will be here by the end of the day i mean i am ordering it and ill buy it today for my b-day

10. Sam Humphreys - August 11, 2009

im sam and this is my custom 🙂
skribbel24 is awesome he made my undertaker custom the way i asked and more
it has removable trench coat, sleeveless demin jacket and vest
it also comes with black glasses and removable beanie hat
it has takers arm tattoos and his BSK tattoo on his belly 🙂
if ya thinking of getting a skribbel24 custom i hope i have made up your mind for ya cos u wont regret it
any figure you want, any design you want
thanks again skribbel

11. mackenzie - August 11, 2009

hey sam can u please send me close up pics of your undertaker cause i would love to see it up close so please send pics to rv@vianet.ca thanks bye! great work skribbel

Sam Humphreys - August 13, 2009

i have sent you some pics
if you would like some others let me know and ill see what i can do

12. mackenzie - August 11, 2009

never mind about the 3 customs i was gonna bid on one on ebay but it ships to the us only oh well

13. mackenzie - August 11, 2009

sorry again i am going to buy the custom im sorry for misleading you with what i have said before

14. Duke Dude - August 12, 2009

Now I’m even more confused lol

15. mackenzie - August 12, 2009

k i bought it last night and that is it ok srry for the confusion but now i bought it and it is coming here so for the last time yes i now have THREE skribbel 24 customs

16. Duke Dude - August 12, 2009

Oh. Riiiiiiiight. Cool

17. Duke Dude - August 12, 2009

Who have you got?

18. mackenzie - August 12, 2009

not yet it should be here soon but when it does i have to wait cause its for my b-day on sep 18 but right when it gets in i promise i will send pics of my customs and collection and hopefully skribbel will post pics of my collection this time cause last time he did not

19. mackenzie - August 12, 2009

deluxe aggression scott steiner

20. Duke Dude - August 12, 2009


21. Duke Dude - August 12, 2009

Is it the one with red tights that reads “FREAKZILLA” on the back

22. mackenzie - August 12, 2009

ya some guy was selling it on ebay and i bought it. he was also selling a classic superstars sting from the 90’s but it was more exspensive and im only in to da’s so i did not buy it and i got the steiner for only $25.50! it was a GREAT deal!

23. Duke Dude - August 12, 2009

Oh yeah I saw that one! I thought Sting was a DA too though!

24. mackenzie - August 12, 2009

do its not if it was i would not buy it cause i already have one. hey do you have face book cause i have more pics on there if you want to see my customs from skribbel if you do add me, its mackenzie vaillancourt it says im in sudbury but im in timmins

25. Duke Dude - August 12, 2009

No, but i will check you out on my friends.

26. mackenzie - August 12, 2009

ok do you have msn

27. Duke Dude - August 12, 2009


28. mackenzie - August 12, 2009

can you add me its kenzie-1997@hotmail.com thanks i like talking on here it just takes a long time to respond

29. Duke Dude - August 12, 2009

No problem, I’ll do it now

30. mackenzie - August 12, 2009


31. Duke Dude - August 12, 2009

all done

32. Duke Dude - August 12, 2009

Are u loggin on now

33. mackenzie - August 12, 2009

what happened

34. Duke Dude - August 12, 2009

I dunno. I thought you stopped talking but maybe the connection was lost!

35. Duke Dude - August 13, 2009

Will you be on today?

36. mackenzie - August 13, 2009

me ?

37. Duke Dude - August 13, 2009


38. mackenzie - August 14, 2009

i dont sell stuff on ebay i will soon though because i also make customs for more info go tho http://www.maniacmackcustoms101.piczo.com there is not much info i still need to post pics

39. Duke Dude - August 14, 2009

Mackenzie: Will you be on msn tonight?

40. mackenzie - August 14, 2009

ya i sure will but im in canada and your in ireland so doesn’t the time change?

41. Duke Dude - August 14, 2009

ye. i will look out 4 u though

42. mackenzie - August 14, 2009

k i am on right now and here its 12:33 if u go on soon we can talk

43. Duke Dude - August 14, 2009

ar u stil there?

44. mackenzie - August 14, 2009

ya we should stop talking on here skribbel is gonna get mad that we use the comment board for questions to each other when we talk on msn! lol

45. Jake - August 17, 2009

Hey Mackenzie?
Your from the UK? Like me?
How much does it cost to get them to the UK becos i have seen you have a few and am strugglin wether to pay the price and get a good figure?
Cheers my msn is Jake-Andrew-Donaldson@hotmail.co.uk

46. Duke Dude - August 17, 2009

No, Mackenzie is from Canada. But I’m from Ireland and it costs $40 to ship a figure over here. I’d say it would be about the same

47. skribbel24 - August 17, 2009

@ Duke Dude. It costs around $25 to $30 to ship to the UK, expedited with tracking.

48. mackenzie - August 18, 2009

ya im from canada. REPRESENT!

49. Duke Dude - August 18, 2009

well jake, theres ur answer

50. Duke Dude - August 19, 2009

sumtin like 20 dollars to canada

51. Duke Dude - August 19, 2009

hey mackenzie. u there?

52. kaelan - September 17, 2009

Show me more detials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please?

53. kaelan - September 17, 2009


54. kaelan - September 17, 2009

I got a suggestion for you how about undertaker when he first started?

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