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Finally a new post! August 7, 2009

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs.

This is probably the longest time my site went without updates since I started it! Work has been very busy in the last few months which really took time from making figures. So many things have happened in the figure-world since – Jakks is on its final year with WWE and the Ruthless/Deluxe Aggression, Classic Superstars, and other lines will be history in a few short months. Mattel showed promising prototypes which we all hope would be a good sign of things to come. I slowed down on customs, but was flattered when emails came in with a lot of love and appreciation. Meanwhile, I worked on these over the last few weeks for some of my loyals:

That’s a USA-themed “Macho Man” Randy Savage from the 90s, Sean O’Haire from his brief WWE stint, and a couple of Deluxe Aggression figures of the American Badass Undertaker and “The King of Harts” Owen Hart.



1. mackenzie - August 7, 2009

omfg these are amazing and these are exactly what i was gonna ask from you for christmas love em both tanks for my tow figures skribs your the best there is was and ever will be!

skribbel24 - August 7, 2009

Thanks mackenzie!

2. 85dee aka darrin - August 7, 2009

AWWW can i brag..yes

Isnt that the macho man i ordered….yes

pure awesomeness in a package..yes

3. mackenzie - August 7, 2009

haha that is true darrin i have two customs from skribbel and it is pure awesomeness and just for those my customs I made up a new word ok, get ready for it, COOLIOSES!

4. Luke "Wrestlings No. 1 Fan" Carroll - August 7, 2009

Awesome customs! Man Skribbel, You are the best out there! Great to see you back with some new customs!!!

5. Duke Dude - August 7, 2009

1 word: AWESOME!

6. Debt Settlement Program - August 8, 2009

punctilious post. simply one decimal where I quarrel with it. I am emailing you in detail.

7. Duke Dude - August 8, 2009

Is Macho Man for sale? I sent you an e-mail in greater detail so when you have time could you reply? Awesome customs!

8. Luke "Wrestlings No. 1 Fan" Carroll - August 8, 2009

Is Owen Hart for sale? How much would he be to buy???

9. skribbel24 - August 9, 2009

LOL thanks guys, much appreciated!

10. adam - August 13, 2009

what is gonna happen to wwe figures in the future.is that true.can you guys keep making those figures.

11. Duke Dude - August 13, 2009

Ye, I agree wit adam. Are you going to keep making jakks customs when wwe switches to mattel?

12. warrior123 - August 13, 2009

mattel wats that…man Im so last year lol

13. Duke Dude - August 13, 2009

Mattel is the company that wwe are switching their figure line to. Their contract with the wwe starts on the 1st of january 2010. They do Barbie and things like that too.

14. kaelan - September 24, 2009

I want to see more detail on UnderTaker as in take it out

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