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Brock Lesnar Retains at UFC 100! July 12, 2009

Posted by skribbel24 in WWE.

Brock Lesnar tonight beyond a shadow of a doubt proved he is the undisputed Heavyweight champion. Lesnar dominated the Interim Heavyweight champion Frank Mir with the perfect game plan, ground and pound and stay away from the submissions.

In the first round Lesnar took down Mir and punished him with Hammer fists from the full and side guard. He kept his chest close and did not give Mir an inch of separation to get any chance at a submission. The round ended with Lesnar on top punishing Mir from the bottom.

In the second round Mir stunned Lesnar with a left hook. Lesnar closed the distance and took Mir’s left leg on a takedown attempt and was caught with a flying right knee. Lesnar took the fight to the ground and began working his ground and pound again. The fans wanted to see more of the fight on the ground and began yelling at referee Herb Dean “Stand them up”.

Brock Lesnar dissapointed the fans at the sold out Mandalay Bay events center and finished of Mir with punches from the guard.

Mir was out cold and needed help to get back up. When he did Lesnar was there to greet him and said.

“Talk shit now.”

The crowd then began to boo Lesnar and he responded by giving them the middle finger. Needless to say he was not telling them they were number one.



1. fish - July 19, 2009

hehe lol

2. Duke Dude - August 10, 2009

Glad to see he is still holding the gold

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