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Do You Have a Skribbel Custom? Part 7 June 18, 2009

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs.

It’s been a while since I last did this, but I figured I’d do it again with some pictures of hardcore collectors from around the world.

To start off, an old customer of mine Mackenzie sent these pictures of his Skribbel24 customs! The first Skribbel24 figure he bought was the custom Hollywood Hogan a few months ago, and followed it up with a Stinger right after that.

Mackenzie, a big fan of WCW, took this picture just for the fun of it – here’s one of the memorable feuds of the NWO era. Hollywood and Sting in the same ring? Unbelievable.

Next up are pictures sent by Joseph, also from Ontario. Joseph ordered an unmasked deluxe Rey Mysterio figure, and proceeded to pimp him up with a removable lucha mask and gear! The fix looks great and here he is on his own, and with his pal Batista:

Finally, here is the Great Muta in sick silver, owned by Joseph from Malta. “It’s great and excellently designed,” Joseph says. “I will recommend you to all wrestling fans in Malta and I hope that in the future I can purchase again.” Muta is his first Skribbel24 custom figure.

Do you have a Skribbel Custom in your collection? Send me an email with pictures of my customs displayed with the rest of your collection and I’ll post them here!



1. Joseph - June 30, 2009

Cool man!!! thanks for posting up the deluxe unmasked rey!! will do business really soon again! =)

2. mackenzie - June 30, 2009

hey skribbel thanks for the customs and my dad said i could probably order one at christmas or my birthday. i was classic deluxe owen hart and rey mysterio filthy animal

3. alex - July 29, 2009

sting on the market when I can find

4. bobby - August 15, 2010

can i buy that rey its awesome

5. brent - August 15, 2010

Are you going to make another hulk hogan like that one above?

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