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New Customs: New Age Outlaws and DA Classics May 17, 2009

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs.

The last few weeks have been extremely busy and I have not been able to make a lot of customs for eBay. However, I still continue to make figures for orders off-eBay (for information on how to order figures directly, email me at skribbel24@yahoo.com) – here are some of them!

Oh you didn’t know? I made Billy Gunn a few weeks back, and to complement him is his New Age Outlaws partner, Road Dogg:

Here are some of the orders from one of my loyal customers: a UFC Brock Lesnar from the night he won the heavyweight title from Randy Couture, and a Deluxe Aggression Mr. America:

I’m making a ton of figures now and will be posting them soon! Have a great weekend people!



1. kyle - May 17, 2009

what is your starting bid on mr.america ?

2. Scott - May 21, 2009

nice keep up the great work skribbel24.

3. kyle - May 25, 2009

Mr.America ROCKS!

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