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Story & Pics: Pacquiao Crushes Hatton Out in Two Rounds! May 3, 2009

Posted by skribbel24 in WWE.

By Mark Vester

At the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Manny Pacquiao (49-3-2, 37KOs) knocked Ricky Hatton (45-2, 32KOs) out cold in two one-sided rounds. A crushing win for the Filipino fighter regarded as the best pound for pound fighter in the world.

There was a lot of holding in the first round. Hatton tried to rough Pacquiao up and it backfired. Manny came out banging, crushing Hatton down with a huge counter right hook. Hatton then began to survive for dear life as Pacquiao began to stalk and batter him all over the ring. A few big punches later, Hatton went down again and barely made it out of the first round.

The punch that sealed the deal:

Hatton came out trying to stand his ground in the second round. Pacquiao’s hands were faster and landing to the target much faster. In closing moments of the round, Pacquiao caught Hatton flush with a left hook and knocked him out cold. Hatton was out cold on the floor and the ref stopped the fight as doctors rushed in to help the fallen fighter. Ricky appeared to be fine after a few minutes.

The ref could have counted to a hundred:



1. Steven Hudson - May 3, 2009

haha fun story just 2 rounds haha. btw whilst im here skribbel,please tell me how i go about ordering the figures as id realyl like to buy the wwe christian 1 u made 🙂 please reply

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