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WrestleMania 25 Results: HBK vs. Undertaker Steals the Show! April 4, 2009

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As more than 70,000 sets of eyes focused on the ring inside Houston’s Reliant Stadium, vendors twiddled their thumbs and bathroom breaks were put on hold during the classic confrontation that had the international crowd fixed to their seats. In the end, though, Undertaker would administer a second and final Tombstone to bury Michaels and secure his place in the annals of WWE history.

Though he lost, Michaels is to be commended for his efforts, never flinching from the daunting task before him. Unlike many of his predecessors, Michaels seemed unafraid to face The Phenom on WWE’s grandest stage, girded by both devotion and confidence. For his part, Undertaker never once lost sight of his goal: Keeping his WrestleMania record unblemished. Now, in light of his monumental victory, Undertaker can rest – perhaps not “in peace” – but at least until he’s called on to defend The Streak at next year’s WrestleMania.

WrestleMania 25 Results

Dark Match (moved to the pre-show)

1. Primo and Carlito defeated John Morrison and The Miz in a lumberjack match to capture the WWE and World Tag Titles.

WrestleMania PPV

1. C.M. Punk defeated Christian, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, Kofi Kingston, Finlay (w/Hornswoggle), Mark Henry (w/Tony Atlas), and Kane in the Money in the Bank ladder match in 14:25.
2. Santino Marella won the 25-Diva Battle Royal in 6:05.
3. Chris Jericho defeated Ricky Steamboat, Roddy Piper, and Jimmy Snuka
(w/Ric Flair) in an elimination match in 9:00.
4. Matt Hardy defeated Jeff Hardy in an Extreme Rules match in 13:15.
5. Rey Mysterio defeated JBL to win the Intercontinental Title in 0:21.
6. Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels in 30:42.
7. John Cena defeated Edge and Big Show in a Triple Threat match to win the World Hvt. Championship in 14:40.
8. Triple H beat Randy Orton to retain the WWE Title in 23:32.



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