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Lashley Wins MMA Fight March 22, 2009

Posted by skribbel24 in WWE.

Bobby Lashley is something Brock Lesnar never was, 2-0 in MMA. The qualities in Lashley’s favor may end there. Obviously, Jason Guida is not Frank Mir but Lashley’s MMA career is going according to plan. He wanted to start his career at the bottom and work his way up, not in the midst of two fights, but over time. People expecting to see Lashley dismantle Guida or punish him may be disappointed but the fact remains, he dominated the fight with his wrestling. According to his post-fight interview, Lashley was taken out of his strategy due to the war of words before the fight and Guida yanking on the ropes (illegal). I chalk it up to a rookie mistake because let’s face it, there is no reason why Lashley should not have been able to punch Guida into submission. Lashley had to be told in between rounds that Guida’s takedown defense sucked and he was having trouble strictly due to the ropes.

Give Guida credit for being able to hold onto the ropes for dear life early on, then stay in the corner for the rest of the first round. That strategy did not exactly work out in the second and third rounds though. Lashley’s inexperience was apparent as he could have passed out of half-guard but did not, on at least two occasions (when Guida’s legs became unlocked). Regardless of those mistakes, Lashley has the tools to be great. The only thing going against the man is the fact he is 32-years old. He is training with one of the best camps in the country, American Top Team, and has a great attitude with a strong desire to improve.

The scariest part of the fight (was NOT the pre-fight talk of his WWE television feud with Vince McMahon) was the guillotine choke Guida locked on in the third fight. The choke was locked on but somehow, Lashley was able to muster up enough strength to boost out of it and continue with the fight on his road to a unanimous decision victory. You have to wonder, if Guida had locked the guillotine choke on earlier in the fight (and not after roughly 10-12 minutes of fight time), would he have had enough gas to keep it on? You could argue in that situation, Lashley would almost certainly have enough strength to power out of the hold, but it is all hearsay at this point.

Now the question becomes, what is next for Bobby Lashley. Will it be another fringe show somewhere looking for some name value to help sell tickets (or perhaps PPVs)? Almost definitely.

The only guarantees, his next opponent will not be Ken Shamrock and his next fight will not take place inside a UFC cage.

Lastly, damn is Lashley one big dude or what? To think, he was even bigger when he was an active pro wrestler.



1. lei-pain - March 29, 2009

lashley brock lesnar copycat in everyway possible

2. MMA Magazine - April 6, 2009

not sure if I would go as far as saying copycat..

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