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New Customs: Kimbo Slice and X-Pac March 21, 2009

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs, Divas.

Through the power of the Internet, Kimbo Slice went from being an anonymous backyard brawler to being a multi-media superstar almost seemingly overnight. With a rabid fan base that was growing exponentially, many of Slice’s fans would go to mixed martial arts message boards proposing “dream matches” against legitimate fighters from the world of sanctioned fighting. Slice’s legend grew and promoters became intrigued by the idea of luring him into MMA.

When the nWo returned to the WWF in 2002, X-Pac aka Sean Waltman, who had been out with an injury, returned and immediately attacked Hulk Hogan, claiming he had been waiting four years to do so, stemming from shoot comments from Hogan on WCW Thunder in 1998 after he was fired that he couldn’t “cut the mustard”. This storyline was immediately dropped with the nWo members being drafted to Raw while Hogan being drafted to SmackDown! in the first ever WWE Draft Lottery.

Catch Kimbo Slice and X-Pac on eBay this week!

Meanwhile, here are some of the hottest Divas in the WWE today from their latest WWE.com photoshoot:



1. DaKillaman - March 21, 2009

Now this what I wanted to see a Kimbo Slice custom fig, it would’ve been better if he was in his fighting gear but it’s great, If I had money right now I’ve would’ve bought it, but since I don’t have, I can’t, but maybe next time I would.

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