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New Customs: ECW Christian and Texas Tornado February 28, 2009

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs.

I’m back on eBay people! I’m here today with two new customs, now available on our favorite auction site.

First up is a nine-time World Tag Team Champion and three-time Intercontinental Champion — and he won a championship in his very first WWE match. After a few years away from WWE, Christian returned during the Feb. 10, 2009 episode of ECW on Sci Fi, declaring his mission to ascend to the top of the Land of the Extreme.

Next is a a one-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion and one-time WWF Intercontinental Champion. Kerry Von Erich was also known as “The Modern Day Warrior” and “The Texas Tornado” and was part of the Von Erich family of professional wrestlers, best known for his time with his father’s promotion WCCW, where he spent eleven years of his career, and his time in the WWF.

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1. Vincent - March 1, 2009

I have a great idea for a custom that you might like it is the rock when he fought mankind in the empty arena match back in 99

2. Mike - March 1, 2009

Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!

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3. ZIGGLER4CHAMP - March 4, 2009

that cristian is amazeing any loose pics/

4. Tom Balatsos - March 21, 2009

can you send me pictures and prices of any christian cage action figures?

billgoldbergrules - April 30, 2009

did u see already the long hair brood christian its very kool!!!!!

5. billgoldbergrules - April 29, 2009

can you make a deluxe aggression jeff hardy with face paint

6. billgoldbergrules - April 29, 2009

all of your customs what are very cheap with no bid

7. billgoldbergrules - April 29, 2009

kool!!!!!! brood christian how much with no bid??????

8. jayson - May 1, 2009

can u pleaz make christian ecw return attire in deluxe agrresion

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