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New Customs: Shannon Moore and Don Frye February 7, 2009

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs.

One of the most overwhelmingly requested customs is finally here! “The Reject” himself, Shannon Moore began as a member of the infamous 3-Count boy band gimmck in WCW, then later became a cruiserweight superstar in WWE as a MF’er (Mattitude Follower). After a TNA stint, Moore returned to WWE in 2008 “punkier” than ever before going back to the Indies. With his unorthodox hairstyle, tattoos on his body, and extraordinary appearance, Shannon Moore is the “Prince of Punk” in every sense of the word.

When UFC first started, I remember calling Royce Gracie one of my favorites to step foot on the octagon. It was an incredible finish when Gracie submitted Dan Severn with one of the best executed triangle chokes seen in MMA. Just when I thought “The Beast” was finished, in came his protégé: a younger and meaner version of Severn by the name of Don Frye. Dubbed “The Predator”, Frye went on to follow his footsteps by winning the UFC 8 and Ultimate Ultimate ’96 tournaments.

My first Shannon Moore and classic UFC fighter on eBay are up this week! Click here to go to the auctions!



1. derick jacquessimon - February 10, 2009

how many of those did you make because thats my favorite wrestler

2. wwe fan - February 12, 2009

my dad emailed you about a brood christian but wont reply please reply i really want that brood christian

3. WILLIAM THIEMANN - February 17, 2009


4. trevor - June 19, 2009

Hello ,
My nane is Trevor,and i just saw that Shannon Moore. Can you let me no if you would sell me it.I REALLY REALLY WANT TO BUY IT!!!!!!!
THANKS, Trevor

5. wwe fan - June 22, 2009

let me no how much u want for a shannon moore

6. wwe fan 97 - June 28, 2009

how much do u want four a shannon moore

7. William - July 12, 2009

how can i buy a shonnon moore

8. William - July 12, 2009

Hello ,
My name is William Sizemore,and i just saw that Shannon Moore. Can you let me no if you would sell me it.I REALLY REALLY WANT TO BUY IT!!!!!!!
THANKS, William

9. William - September 19, 2009

will you reply
can you make me one or not

10. Patrick - September 19, 2009

that shannon moore is real nice i was wondering if you could make me one and how much

11. skribbel24 - September 19, 2009

@William. Email me at skribbel24@yahoo.com.

william - September 20, 2009

did you get my messege on yahoo

12. william - September 20, 2009

ok i sent you a messege
to your yahoo

13. junior x - March 19, 2010

It’s about Damn time they make another Shannon Moore Action Figure! It’s B’s that they only made one till now. And this is coming from an Indi Pro Wrestler! -junior x

14. Justin Perkins - March 22, 2010

how much is shannon moore w/ the studded coat

15. Justin Perkins - March 22, 2010

i want that!!!!!! moore

16. robin sacher - November 27, 2010

how many shannon moores do u ahve and how much do they go for

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