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New Custom: Deluxe Scott Steiner January 31, 2009

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs.

Up this week are Scott Steiner and Hollywood Hogan, in Deluxe Aggression form. “Big Poppa Pump” has his heart tattoo and enormous arms. After all, the real Scott Steiner actually does look like a living, walking action figure:

Hulk Hogan is a repost. I am putting him up again due to a non-paying bidder. Guys, please do not bid if you have no intentions of paying. Here’s another chance for the serious buyers to own this custom figure:



1. DaKillaman - January 31, 2009

The Hogan looks great man, luv the modified head u did 4 him and his tights are awesome.

Scott Steiner looks cool, like his tattoo and your right, Scott actually looks like a walkin action figure, LOL!

2. BrendanTheBEAST - February 6, 2009

wow man u good they look great well all of ur customs look good LOL.

3. randy - June 30, 2009

do you have deluxe aggression undertaker when he use to have a motorcycle.

4. tyler - July 3, 2009

could you make abiker undertaker

5. mackenzie - July 4, 2009

im the one with that hogan and it looks great!

6. frankie reed - August 28, 2009

dude i really want that hogan

7. frankie reed - August 28, 2009

how do u get one

8. mackenzie - August 28, 2009

i now own both of these amazing customs!

lukemulvs - December 3, 2009

where can i get steiner and can it deliver t ireland

9. mackenzie - December 3, 2009

um, guys i have both of those so your gonna have to get him to make your own.

10. David Ayala Leyva - November 26, 2010

hi my friend! do you have another Hogan figure? how much is for shipping it to Peru? thanks a lot!!!

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