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My Wrestling Figure Collection December 1, 2008

Posted by skribbel24 in Collection.

The last time I posted my collection was about 11 months ago, when I finished building my display showcase. How fast one’s collection grows in a year’s time! I took some pictures and wanted to share it with you today. Enjoy!

Monday Night Raw:

Friday Night Smackdown:

Classic Superstars:

ECW, WCW, Attitude Era:

Hasbro, NJPW:

Replica Belts, Ring Giants, Tag Teams:

MOC Collection, Full Display Showcase:



1. nick - December 1, 2008

wow im not suprised that you needed 25 pics its such an awesome collection and btw i love your divas =p thank you for the close up pics XD

2. DaKillaman - December 1, 2008

Man i don’t have a BIG collection like you do bacause I’m missing some figs I think i have like about 10 or 11 figs but cool collection.

3. the world may never know - December 1, 2008

Wow. Very nice. Thanks for the cool pics.

4. Winner of Your Kane and NWO Randy - December 11, 2008


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