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Warning: False eBay Auction Claiming to Be My Work November 19, 2008

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs.

Be warned guys, there’s an auction on eBay now for a custom figure of the Rock that is described to be made by Skribbel24. Guys, this is a complete lie. Do not be deceived!


The description says:

Ok this is a custom of The Rock made by the one and only skribbel24 i am selling this for a freind he recently got himself in to debt and needs some money he is a collector so this custom has never been out of the custom packaging he has his full tatoo’s this really is a 1 of a kind custom and his brahma tattoo on his arm.

I emailed the seller to revise his auctions so buyers do not get deceived, but as of today no change has been made. Just a heads up guys!

An update today: He ended his earlier auction and now revised it with a Buy It Now price. He also removed the pictures of the figure. Of course what he made sure not to delete was advertising it to be a custom done by Skribbel24. Beware of eBay user mistico150, he is a scammer and will do everything he can to rip you off.



1. the world may never know - November 20, 2008

Oh, thank you for informing us. I bet he’s just gonna charge extra because it was made by “skribbel24”. It was a pretty cruddy cover story too.

2. 85dee aka darrin - November 20, 2008

yea your customs look 100% better than that guys crap anyway

3. Dallas Nino - November 29, 2008

i saw this on ebay the other day and it was thirty dollars but then i compared it to the real one that you did and i knew right away that it wasant your work

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