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New Japan Pro Wrestling Ring September 13, 2008

Posted by skribbel24 in Collection.

I was finally able to score a NJPW ring after looking for one in ages. After passing up what could have been a steal at $50 several years ago, I had to pay a bit more to get this baby. Here are some pics:

The base itself is made out of two big plastic blocks, not unlike the WWE real scale ring by Jakks, although this one looks to be more sturdy.

Very easy to assemble, and it looks pretty darn good when complete. The set comes with four stickers to go around the ring skirts. The turnbuckles look cool too.

Here’s to give you an idea about the size of the ring. It’s definitely not meant for RAs, but will be perfect for Galoobs or Hasbros. I’ll post more pics with my Japanese figures very soon. Meanwhile, here’s Hulk Hogan and the Undertaker showing you how well they fit into the ring:

Thanks for checking it out! By the way, I’ll be back on eBay in a few days, as I was just out of town this week and did not have the chance to post new customs. I did put up a few lucha libre masks at a low Buy It Now price, if you are interested. Click here to go to eBay.



1. uksix - September 13, 2008

your lucky to get one, been looking for that for ages, and same with jap figures, may i ask were you found it?

also how much do you sell your customs for?

2. skribbel24 - September 13, 2008

@ uksix. You can find them at NJPW’s official website. About the customs, please send me an email at skribbel24@yahoo.com for information.

3. tuck - September 14, 2008

you sould post a slash this week.

4. scott - September 20, 2008

hi skribbs i have been looking for that fing for ages can u tell me wer u got it please i am sik of looking for it i have been looking for it for a year yes a year and how muthch is a blue panther lucha libre custom

5. bigslim229 - June 19, 2009

that is the uglyest ring.wwe has a better ring than that

6. Pippo Franco - March 15, 2011

AH Ruganti’,me piace che ce posso fa’?

7. Handlebar-Orion X. - January 17, 2016

What is the playset’s exact name? I wanna add it to my Amazon wishlist since that Amazon Universal Wish List extension is out.

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