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Do You Have a Skribbel Custom? Part 5 September 9, 2008

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs.

Rita from the UK is a proud owner of literally a dozen Skribbel24 customs. A loyal fan of wrestling worldwide, Rita names Keiji Mutoh as one of the best in history. Here is how her Skribbel24 customs are displayed, as shown below, with Raven, Cheerleader Melissa, Deluxe TNA Sting, Deluxe Hayabusa, Deluxe TNA Kurt Angle Deluxe The Rock, WrestleMania VII Ultimate Warrior, Crow Sting, Starrcade ’97 Sting, Royal Rumble ’91 Ultimate Warrior, Mr. Perfect, and Keiji Mutoh.

Closer pics of Cheerleader Melissa, Raven, Kurt Angle, and Keiji Mutoh:

Do you have a Skribbel Custom in your collection? Send me an email with pictures of my customs displayed with the rest of your collection and I’ll post them here!



1. xhwrestling - September 9, 2008

that Cheerleader Melissa is awesome I was thinking about asking you if you could make one and how much

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