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New Customs: Deluxe Brock Lesnar (NJPW) and Sting August 30, 2008

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs.

I posted an RA version of this a while back, now here is a Deluxe version for the DA enthusiasts: Brock Lesnar in his short but successful run in Japan:


Next up is the Stinger in his alternate TNA attire. I’m very fond of this color scheme and am excited to know that he is wearing it on the TNA Impact video game coming out in a few weeks.

Click here to go to eBay with bigger and more detailed pics!



1. Lochlan - August 31, 2008

WOW. I Love The Sting Man. Its Breathtaking. Best Work Yet

The Brock Lesnar Figure Looks Pretty Kool 2 But It Looks 2 Much Like The UFC Model From The New UFC Set.

2. lei-pain - August 31, 2008

ralfs collectables make a burlap sack of kane

3. Stuart - August 31, 2008

How much the the Sting Action figures cost?

4. SMK - September 2, 2008

Im still vouching for AJ Styles man. Unless you already made him and I missed out?

5. ADJ - December 1, 2008

is it that difficult to make a Scott Steiner Action figure?/ not the classic one. i mean the BIG POPPA PUMP( with black shorts) and bulging biceps. u need a different mould though. lets see if ur good enough to make this. its a challenge!

6. Darrion Cook - January 26, 2009

Can u send me 1 of the Lesnar Japan toy

7. darrion cook - February 1, 2009

make another bill goldberg deluxe classic toys.And it is the challenge.If u make more and i get my hands on 1. if i lyke it youre the best.And anotha Brock Lesnar japan toy

8. jake hudd - May 16, 2010

if you make a deluxe brock lesnar from his time in wwe and put it on amazon in deluxe i would so buy it

9. Eduardo Rocha - April 19, 2012

hey how much for the brock lesner deluxe figuer. I want in please

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