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Glamarella Lifts the IC and Women’s Titles August 18, 2008

Posted by skribbel24 in Divas.

The unlikely lovebirds prevailed to win the gold at the Biggest Blockbuster of the Summer. After defeating Kofi Kingston & Mickie James in the Winners Take All Match at SummerSlam, Santino Marella is the new Intercontinental Champion and Beth Phoenix is the new Women’s Champion.

When Raw General Manager Mike Adamle made the “Adamle Original” match, the rules stated the titles would go to the team getting the pinfall or submission. After James hit Marella with a brutal DDT, The Glamazon retaliated and pinned the Diva for the intergender tag team win. Phoenix is now a two-time Women’s Champion, and Marella is a two-time holder of the Intercontinental Title.

After the match, Phoenix proved her strength once again when she carried her unibrow-sporting, gold-toting boyfriend up the ramp in celebration. That’s amore! With “Glamarella” holding two very prestigious WWE titles, will anyone be able to stop this unlikely couple?

SummerSlam results:

  • Undertaker def. Edge (Hell in a Cell Match)
  • WWE Champion Triple H def. The Great Khali
  • World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk def. JBL
  • Matt Hardy def. ECW Champion Mark Henry (Disqualification)
  • Batista def. John Cena
  • Montel Vontavious Porter def. Jeff Hardy
  • Glamarella def. Kofi Kingston and Mickie James (Winners Take All Tag Team Match)
  • Jericho crashes HBK’s announcement


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