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New Customs: Undertaker and Sting August 9, 2008

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs.

The weekend begins with the Undertaker, the phenom of World Wrestling Entertainment. In 1999, Undertaker formed the Ministry of Darkness, explaining that he was taking orders from a “Higher Power.” Eventually, the Ministry merged with Shane McMahon’s Corporation heel stable to form the Corporate Ministry.

Speaking of the Undertaker, here’s his best Batman impression. Move over, Christian Bale.

Next is the ever popular Sting! During the rise of the nWo in 1996, Sting began appearing in the rafters at nWo events; his new silent persona, complete with corpse paint, a trench coat, and longer hair replacing his spiked haircut, which was quite obviously inspired by The Crow.

Here’s a little piece of trivia: Sting admitted that Scott Hall initially suggested the idea of painting his face like The Crow! Sting continues to use this type of face paint, occasionally with different designs and the use of color.

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1. josh - August 10, 2008

nice but can you tell me were to find the ultimate warrior classic superstars 6.Not ebay.tell me on my myspace.jo_saltzman@yahoo.com

2. SMK - August 11, 2008

that Undertaker might be the best custom you have ever made. Its perfect. Good job man.

3. Juan R. - November 2, 2008

Please tell me how I can get my hands on that Sting and the custom Rock with the Samoan tattoo and goatee look.

4. UnderTaker and Sting's biggest fan's - March 23, 2009

i would love these figures more than anything can you please mail me with price and every detail please i love these figures jamesobrien93@hotmail.com

5. john francis - April 17, 2009

yo how much for a sting from 1997 when he wore black and white

6. Kyle - May 25, 2009

Rest In Peace

7. alex - July 29, 2009

how can I get sting
thenks very

8. gooners online - August 19, 2009

great designs – I want Sting!

9. TheWizKid95 - October 7, 2009

love the undertaker figure how much and how to get it

10. 2010 in Review « Skribbel24 Wrestling Figures & Customs - January 2, 2011

[…] New Customs: Undertaker and Sting August 2008 9 comments LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

11. hi - February 25, 2011

can u make a custom nexus cm punk

12. nelson - April 10, 2011

hey man you are good how do i buy ?

13. squalleonhart - December 20, 2011

damn good work but here’s a challenge for you can you make the bella twins?

squalleonhart - December 20, 2011

nude of course

14. blaaaa - January 24, 2012

looks very cool. But the undertaker never had this coat in the ministry era….

15. JamieLloydH4 - September 24, 2012

undertaker was at his best in 1996-1999! it’s a damn shame they
screwed him up after those memorable years, and all that matters
now is his streak. thats how wwe also screwed shawn michaels and
ended his career! R.I.P. WWF Attitude 1995-2001.

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