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ECW Title Gets a Makeover; Gail Kim Pics July 27, 2008

Posted by skribbel24 in Divas, WWE.

The new ECW championship belt was revealed on national TV on July 22 and was presented to current titleholder Mark Henry. To view more pics of the belt, click here.

A lot of people have been criticizing it as a slap in the face of the old ECW, but I personally love it. It looks like a prestigious belt and sort of a throwback to the world titles that came out in the 80s. The silver looks cool, so does the phoenix.

Here are some pics of TNA knockout Gail Kim!



1. ralphsfigureclothing - July 28, 2008

I like that new ECW belt ! Looks like those old school belts.But I like Gail Kim even better …..

2. zulbrunei - July 28, 2008

I like the new ECW Champion now it’s branded by WWE and made out of “platinum” not silver.

3. :{)A(*O(DI&GASUICRDEW&*%E^& - July 30, 2008

i Hate it really i prefer the old design

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