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New Customs: The Rock and William Regal July 12, 2008

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs.

FINALLY…. THE ROCK HAS COME BACK! The most electrifying man in sports entertainment The Rock is back, and for the first time I made it a “2-in-1” exclusive in the style of the WrestleMania exclusive Hulk Hogan, with Rock having his WrestleMania XX look with the beard and Samoan tattoos that can be alternated with his backstage look with the “Just Bring It” shirt and sweatpants! Click below to go to the auction and to view more pics.

THE KING OF ALL WWE! That was an awesome heat-filled gimmick while it lasted, and no one may have performed it better than William Regal. I hope he continues the role if and when he returns to WWE. Here he is with the sweet long hair and a very, should I say, REGAL, black velvet robe, available this week on eBay.

Check out my eBay page for more pictures and buying information.



1. zulbrunei - July 12, 2008

Wow, William Regal’s hair looks updated. It looks even good if you use John Morrison’s hair like WF customizer rayferarro did.
Again, Rock figures are always made special.

Good job, man.

2. collecter - July 12, 2008

rock looks so awsome you make the best customs

3. josh - July 13, 2008

the rock is so cool can you email me how you got the tattoo so cool

4. nameless - July 18, 2008

Hi I really love your work. can I ask you certain questions…

How can you card figures??hehehe


5. cole - April 30, 2011

im begging you to bring this to ebay in stock

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