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Prototype Pics for Future Jakks Figures Released June 25, 2008

Posted by skribbel24 in Collection.

There are some awesome figures coming out soon, so keep your eyes peeled on these future releases from Jakks Pacific!

I am extremely excited for this Edge! It’s a masterpiece! I love the new headscan, it’s so “Edge”! The attire looks great too, it’s one of my favorite camo attires of his. The new Batista is a re-use of his latest RA scan and it looks great on the DA body.

Now here are some guys you never thought you’d buy, but you just will because their figures look sweet! Nunzio looks badass, Jaime Noble has an updated new look, and Cody is IMO better than his original Adrenaline or DA figures.

Here’s an Internet Exclusive: WrestleMania VII Hart Foundation! It’s probably the Harts’ best look with their pink-lined jackets with the shoulder tassles.

Unfortunately, the tassles are painted on and the jacket itself is a tad bit long. Can’t help but compare it to Ralph Figure Clothing’s WrestleMania VII Hart Foundation jackets, with real shoulder tassles, zippers, and the perfect length. Not to mention Anvil has his pink hat.

Speaking if Internet Exclusives, here is a MUST-HAVE! It will be exclusive to Ringside Collectibles and features Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero in Deluxe Classic Superstars dual pack! This is from their infamous Mask vs. Title Match in WCW during Halloween Havoc 1997!

Now here are the good stuff – debut figures! Jesse and Festus look terrific. And Santino! Not the best headscan, but I’ll need to see the final MOC pics before judging. Maria!!!

Finally, the Unmatched Fury we’ve all been waiting for, the UUUUUULTIMATE WARRIOR! (who is probably wrestling his return match in Spain as I type this).

New Maximum Aggression 12″ figures, Vinyl Aggression, Micro Aggression (with Chris Jericho and Steve Austin), and others are also on the pipeline, with John Cena, John Morrison, Randy Orton, and Edge. Check out all the pics at WrestlingFigs.com!



1. zulbrunei - June 25, 2008

Edge looks sweet! Not only the headscan looked more like his Build N’ Brawler, but his attire at WrestleMania XXIV is so sweet!

2. workhorse3 - June 26, 2008

Hart Foundation! SWEEEEET! Thanks for the great news! Another one for my Hitman collection!

Anyway, this is a “Profigures” exclusive right? Is “Profigures” a direct competitor of Ringside Collectibles? I just encountered “Profigures” today, to be honest.

3. JB - July 2, 2008

Where is the Rey and Eddie on Ringsidecollectibles.com?

4. carl - October 8, 2010

i am a massive wrestling fan and would like to help you guys out as these are awesome if you list them on http://www.icybid.com i will can have them on the homepage for you straight away as i own the site with a friend its been open 2 months now and these would be a great addition not to mention i’ll get loads lol..

icybid.com when you sign up i will pop a load of credit into your account for you to get up and running

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