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New Customs: Brock Lesnar and Owen Hart June 7, 2008

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs.

Back by popular demand is the custom Brock Lesnar from his WWE days which was featured in an article at Action Figure Customs a few months ago. Here comes the pain!

Another popular request is “The King of Harts” himself. You saw his alter ego Blue Blazer last week, this week check out Owen Hart on eBay.



1. lei-pain - June 7, 2008

thes customs rock

2. zulbrunei - June 7, 2008

Yep, like lei-pain, these customs rock.

3. DMG - June 8, 2008

Man that Owen Hart look real but you should’ve used another head cause that head would have gone better if he was in his Nation attire.

And that Brock Lesnar is cool.

4. lei-pain - June 8, 2008

me and zulbrunei are a lot alike and we want aj styles deluxe customs

5. SMK - June 9, 2008

Yes, Lei-Pain, we already knoe that your like Zulbrunei. You only said it a million times. Anyway, the Brock Lesnar is a great figure, although you have done it before.

6. lei-pain - June 11, 2008

and that meens

7. lei-pain - June 12, 2008

have you seen the new ufc wrestling figures there sick lesnar looks ill lidell aint so good tho but its not offical yet

8. lei-pain - June 12, 2008

they have made ufc figures why not make a ufc ring

9. lei-pain - June 12, 2008

please make aj styles figures for me and smk

10. SMK - June 14, 2008

Thats something me and lei-pain can agree on. An AJ Styes is in order, pwees.

11. Leon Lewis - September 5, 2008

live action figures fam

12. Kid Slick - November 27, 2008

You should sell a Brock Lesnar Action Figure like this but it should have the sword tattoo on his chest and wear gloves like the undertaker’s. That would be awesome.

13. Kid Slick - November 27, 2008

Or without the gloves.

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