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These Figures Will Be Mine! April 24, 2008

Posted by skribbel24 in Collection.

Today, Wrestlingfigs.com released new prototypes of upcoming action figure releases. Looks like we’re getting a ton of new headsculpts, first-time figures, and best of all, exclusives! Here are my picks…

First, the exclusives. Is that a figure or the real thing? That’s the first thing on my mind when I saw this picture of the Great Khali’s exclusive figure. Amazing job Jakks did with the head. Good accessory too.

My favorite would probably be the McMahon-Helmlsey Era 2-pack with Triple H and Stephanie. They did a great job with Stephanie’s headscan! We’re getting a cloth jacket for Trips, too, hurray!

The next exclusive I’m really eyeing is the Beth Phoenix vs. Maria set. These are two debut figures for these popular Divas. I’m a huge Maria fan and I also think Beth is fantastic in and out of the ring. I hope Maria comes with her hoodie.

By the way, I’m still looking for an Ashley figure from the Ashley/Melina 2-pack. Help me out!

Speaking of Divas, we’re getting some pretty good ones in an upcoming Ruthless Aggression assortment. Great news to those who weren’t able to get Mickie James exclusives, and even better news for Lilian Garcia fans: these ladies are going to be released, finally!

Look out for another Diva in an Adrenaline assortment! Michelle McCool debuts in figure form together with biker Chuck Palumbo. Michelle’s scan is dead on, making up for Palumbo’s horrific head.

Also part of that Adrenaline series is the first official Big Daddy V figure, along with his mouthpiece Matt Striker. A lot of people don’t like the head, but I personally love it and am looking forward to these two figures.

Jakks is pulling out all the stops for these releases! These sweet figures will be mine!



1. zulbrunei - April 26, 2008

Darn it, if I wish I could be the holder of the figure, they will be famous on my wrestlingfig show.

I really gonna wish that one day, these internet exclusive will be sold in stores. Amin.

Just getting better, skribs
– zulbrunei –

2. zulbrunei - April 26, 2008

My views on each of the figures:-
Great Khali:- That Punjabi action figure looks realistic. We should have these on normal ruthless sets. One day we will get a Deluxe of him.

StepHHH:- That headscan of Hunter sure comes from DA 1 & 5. I’ll get them for sure because Hunter is my “hero”. I got Vince and Shane, Stephanie has released, so it only leaves to Linda McMahon.

Maria & Phoenix:- I’m not sure if I get this one. I’m not much of a big fan of divas.

Mickie James:- I don’t think I will get this one.

Lilian Garcia:- Maybe she’s the only Diva that fits in my show. She will do ring announcing for me as well as performing I Want To Live!!!

Chuck Palumbo:- Gee, I will get this one for sure. Who knows he will be the bMw Cruiserweight Champion lol.

Michelle McCool:- I’ve gotta admit, this Science teacher is so McCool.

Matt Striker:- Maybe I should wait for his Deluxe 15.

Big Daddy V:- Just too sweet for me. My mom hates his armpits, but I’ll get him anyway, I like the headscan too.

Anyone comments on this please give your opinions.

3. ryan nolan - April 26, 2008

if you wan’t ashley then type in wrestling figures on google and it will come up wrestlingfigures-wrestlingfigures click on it and click on exlusives[sorry if spelled wrong] and limited editions

4. toffee - April 27, 2008

the big daddy v figure is no were near as good as the custom one that skribbel24 made for me it is awsome and to be honest the one jakks has made is sh** !

5. skribbel24 - April 27, 2008

@ toffee. Thanks so much for the compliment! I’m glad that you love your Big Daddy V custom figure!

6. brocklesnarmaniac - April 28, 2008

i agree with toffe a 100%

7. sdkwwe - May 3, 2008

Great Khali- Well the headscan says it all. it is amazing! i gotta get it.
McMahon Helmsley-nice hhh jacket and stephanie mcmahon is a must have! defintly going to get this.
Phoenix, maria- i don’t like the beth figure but i am sure it will look better. i will get this though!
mickie james- i did not get the exclusive so i am for sure getting this figure.
lillian garcia- i have to get her first figure!
palumbo, mcCool- the chuck head scan is kinda choppy but i love chuck palumbo. so i will get this pack. and nice michelle mccool headscan!
striker,big daddy v-i have been waiting for a big daddy v but the headscan is horrible. i might pass unless they fix the headscan.

8. crystal keys - May 6, 2008

michelle mccool action figure is nice and I wish I bought it today.

9. BenWWE - June 1, 2008

my goal, is to collect all the diva action figures. So far, i have two torries, victoria, ariel, two kelly kelly’s, layla,3 melina’s, two candice’s,jillian,ashley,lita, saharmell, and my favorite, christy hemme.I plan to get mickie, lillian, stephanie, michelle, maryse, maria, beth,candice and melina from series 33, and the new victoria coming out in november.(for more info, these are all on toywiz in ruthless aggresion33-36, adrenaline 31,and they are all coming out later in the year)

10. BenWWE - June 1, 2008

Oh, and i don’t know about you guys, but i want tham to make a cherry action figure, a natalya,anothe jillian, and another layla with STRAIGHT hair. That’d look pretty cool

11. britany bitch - June 3, 2008

i wish i could have all of the wwe divas figures now.

12. BenWWE - June 3, 2008

All About Me
favorite bands-mcr,30 seconds to mars
farorite songs-famous last words,damaged,4 minutes
favorite food-mcdonalds wraps
favorite colors-red,black
favorite movies-chucky,meet the spartans,i know what you did last summer,little mermaid
favorite drink-iced tea
pet peeve-babys crying,rap songs
favorite divas-maria,mickie,michelle mccool,cherry, and kelly kelly
friends-TOO MANY
favorite shows-what i like about you,reaper,ugly betty,smackdown
favorite superstar-CM PUNK

13. wwematt - June 3, 2008

i belive tha they should make alot more wwe diva figures. at least one in each series and have not the same one aka melina. i just cant stand it no more i order beth and maria in march on http://www.toywiz.com and they keep saying s!@# about when it coming out they now say it is coming out this mounth . i also cannot wate for the new mickie it looks soooooooooooooooooooooo good she is one of my favorite divas in wwe. i also want michelle mccool and if you check on toywiz and goe to the seris they say a new beth is coming and marese and mickie andmuch more. check it out . Whats with tha tkid benwwe he is telling us about him . one word GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14. Matt - May 2, 2009

I’m a collector of the Divas too. I’d like to see a second Lilian figure with a more proportioned body, the breasts on this one are just too big and not like the real Lilian’s at all! In addition to that I’d like to see them do some decent quality versions of some of the older divas that when they originally released them, had no articulation and looked pretty crap in comparison to the ones they do now – namely Debra, Sable, Jacqueline and Marlena, they’ve done a Luna Vachon and Sensational Sherri…. why not the rest of the classic divas? Or even a Sable from when she made her come back when she did the Playboy spread with Torrie Wilson!?

15. eashveraam - September 16, 2013
16. Sanjeevram - September 17, 2013

If You Smell What The Rock Is Cooking

eashveraam - September 29, 2013

fuck you

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