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New Customs: Deluxe Goldberg and Big Daddy V March 15, 2008

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs.


I’ve received tons of emails over the last couple of months requesting for one Bill Goldberg, and finally here he is in all of his Deluxe Classic Superstars glory! He has his World title belt, fully customized with his name on the plate. This is THE definitive Goldberg action figure!


(3/17/08 update: Goldberg has been sold off eBay! I have taken his auction out. Thank you!)

Next is Big Daddy V, the biggest superstar in ECW today! A former King of the Ring, World Tag Team Champion and Hardcore Champion, V is now setting his sights on the ECW championship. My first Big Daddy V figure has all his tats and is carded in a custom box.


Goldberg and Big Daddy V are both on eBay! Click here to bid.



1. brocklesnarmaniac - March 15, 2008

I’m lovin the Goldberg, his headscan is ok (cooler if he looks mean!), but it’s tatoo are fantastic, not to mention the worldheavyweight belt with his name on the nameplate, the big daddy v is also a good figure

keep it up skribs

2. lei-pain - March 15, 2008

oh goldburg and big daddy v is wiked and what did i say big daddy v figure on my list im realy glad u took advice from me thanks

see ya skribbel24 peace out

3. zulbrunei - March 16, 2008

This customs are really sick! It’s definitely going to my wish list!

Bill Goldberg:- That sick custom is really hits the spot!
Big Daddy V:- Finally, all the internet buyers can get their hands on that monster today.

Good things grow skribs.

Thank you.

4. lei -pain - March 16, 2008

zulbrunei r u englesh because uk people say sick im 1 to big daddy v is great about time someone made him

5. zulbrunei - March 16, 2008

lei -pain:- No, I’m a Bruneian.

6. big brother - March 16, 2008

my little brother digging the goldberg but not the big daddy v

7. lei-pain - March 17, 2008

why its well good at least he made one a good one

8. ricky123 - March 20, 2008

i sent you an email about some figures i would like

but havent received one back just wanted to know if you have received it

9. lei-pain - March 20, 2008

your customs r better and better and people tell me your favorate custom and i will see what his best is of all time

10. Stuart - April 1, 2008

Can you make the Undertaker in his ministry attire with his robe,How did you make Mordecai, how much does Mordecai cost for shipping and handling?

11. popololo12345678910 - April 5, 2008

Far Out figures, man!

12. Malik - May 29, 2008

Make a ruthless aggression ultimo dragon with the gold attire

13. Steve-O - May 30, 2008

have u made and if not can u make a Goldberg in averge classic style
(not deluxe)

14. Steve-O - May 30, 2008

would there be any chance u would a classic DX/New Age Outlaws set as in HBK,HHH,ROAD DOGG,BILLY GUNN,X-PAC

15. todd weeks - July 10, 2008

how do i order or request a figure from u without having to bid on it on ebay because ur work is amazing and theres some thing i would like to see and order form u so please let me know and then ill tell u what i would like if at all possible

16. skribbel24 - July 11, 2008

@ todd weeks. I sent you an email. Thank you.

17. aliah stinnett - July 12, 2008

how much are eddie guerrero and hulk hogan deluxe

18. aliah - July 14, 2008

do you have any more big daddy v’ s in stock.

19. Luncan Gabriel - August 8, 2008

I want this figures!!!!!!!:P

20. T - August 8, 2008

cool goldberg make a classic deluxe triple h with his old attire

21. T - August 8, 2008

Can you make a classic deluxe x-pac with the european title and if you do sena me a email

22. Matt - August 13, 2008

May you make the following please:)

1) A Deluxe John Cena with blue jean shorts, removable t-shrit, removable cap, comes with wwe spinner belt, and spinner chain

2) A deluxe Great Khali

3)A deluxe Chyna with real leather top and bottom, with wowans title

23. Tony T - August 26, 2008

make a great khali and big show(deluxe) able to make out wit each other that would the coolest figure 2 pack ever made! serouly

24. cingularwire - September 23, 2008

no australia microsoft speed deliver boy stay

25. aban - October 5, 2008

make the biggest great khali

26. jammiey - October 5, 2008

dude u hav so gotta make a classic deluxe masked kane!!!pls pls pls

27. khang - October 29, 2008

y dont u make a deluxe cactus jack

28. khang - October 29, 2008

deluxe hurricane1wicked

29. khang - October 30, 2008

y dont u make a whole big deluxe pack include the old dx triple h,shawn new age outlaws,x pac

30. Marc "Reaper" Thomas RCW World Champion - November 9, 2008

Im gonna have to say that a big deluxe pack of the old DX would be awesome. Would definetly buy.

31. Marc "Reaper" Thomas RCW World Champion - November 9, 2008

Consider making a nWo vs DX pack as well.

32. ross - December 21, 2008

do an nwo wolfpac vs hollywood with
WCW incarnations Incarnation: Notes: Members:
nWo Original incarnation Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Ted DiBiase, The Giant, Vincent, Syxx, Buff Bagwell, Eric Bischoff, Miss Elizabeth, nWo Sting, Curt Hennig, Rick Rude, Konnan, Nick Patrick (The nWo referee), Dennis Rodman, V.K.Wallstreet, Big Bubba Rogers, Randy Savage, Scott Norton, The Disciple[1], Kyle Petty (drove the nWo race car), Scott Steiner, Brian Adams, Dusty Rhodes, Louie Spicolli (unofficial member)
nWo Japan Wrestled in New Japan Pro Wrestling The Great Muta, Masahiro Chono, Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Satoshi Kojima, Hiro Saito, AKIRA, Tatsutoshi Goto, Michiyoshi Ohara, Scott Norton, Michael Wallstreet, nWo Sting, Big Titan, Brian Adams[3]
nWo Hollywood Hollywood Hogan, The Giant, Eric Bischoff, Vincent, Scott Norton, Buff Bagwell, Miss Elizabeth, Dennis Rodman, Scott Steiner, Brian Adams, The Disciple, Scott Hall, Curt Hennig, Rick Rude, Dusty Rhodes, Stevie Ray, Horace Hogan, Bret Hart (unofficial member), Mark Johnson (referee)
nWo Wolfpac A face incarnation that fought against the heel nWo Hollywood Kevin Nash, Randy Savage, Sting, Lex Luger, Konnan, Curt Hennig, Rick Rude, Miss Elizabeth (for very short time)[35]
nWo “Elite” Also known as “nWo Reunion” and/or “Mega nWo” Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Buff Bagwell, Scott Steiner, Lex Luger, Miss Elizabeth, Disco Inferno, Eric Bischoff, David Flair, Samantha[46]
nWo “B-Team” Also known as “nWo Black and White” The Giant, Curt Hennig, Scott Norton, Stevie Ray, Vincent, Horace Hogan, Brian Adams
nWo 2000 Also known as “nWo Silver” Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Bret Hart, Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, Ron Harris, Don Harris, Mark Johnson (referee)[48]
Email me with a quote please

33. juan - January 3, 2009

how $$$ does goldberg cost and how i can get it

34. darrion cook - January 26, 2009

send goldberg 2

35. Stephanie Johnson - March 29, 2009

plz tell me how much GOldberg cost i would love to buy that figure

36. billgoldbergrules - April 28, 2009

how much goldberg with no bid please email me!!!!{d

37. billgoldbergrules - April 28, 2009

how much for goldberg with no bid? email me

38. Kyle - May 2, 2009

I want to get a Goldberg 4 my bro

39. Waseek asim - May 5, 2009

I want to get a goldberg for my younger brother as he is a big fan of him

waseekasim - May 5, 2009


40. tarkan - July 12, 2009

goldberg en iyisi

41. mackenzie - September 7, 2009

hey who’s head did u use for big daddy v?

42. lukemulvs - November 26, 2009

where can i buy bill goldberg deluxe

43. lukemulvs - November 26, 2009

where can i buy bill goldberg and can you email me the the website you found it in and the price in euros and can it be sent to ireland

44. nathan - May 11, 2010

how much r your figures because there awsome

45. goldbergason632 - July 8, 2010

Hello Skribbel24, im a fan from México. great customs. I try a make some customs both you´re the mastter, I want to see Ultimo Dragón in deluxe aggression, I hope see it some day. I konw you can do it. that goldberg is awesome. This goldberg, mistico and holliwood hulk hogan are the best deluxe figure that i seen.

Great customs

46. daniel - November 30, 2010

can you make me a mattel jeff hardy elite with short hair and white and black sleeves with a shirt if you do send me a email

47. daniel - November 30, 2010

can you make me a mattel elite jeff hardy with short hair and red and black sleeves email me for payment

48. daniel - December 2, 2010

hey skribs instead of the mattel jeff hardy can you make me the jeff hardy with red and black sleeves deluxe agression email me how much it cost

49. 2010 in review « Skribbel24 Wrestling Figures & Customs - January 2, 2011

[…] New Customs: Deluxe Goldberg and Big Daddy V March 2008 49 comments 4 […]

50. cameron - January 16, 2011

Hi scribbel24 I have some questions about your figures I was wondering on a new custom for sale if your interested…. KANE with a removable mask it would be the ultimate custom since no one has done it. Also I’d like to know how much is that goldberg thanks.

51. Justin - May 7, 2011

How much money is the WWE Goldberg? and I live in New Jersey and can they ship a WWE Goldberg classic deluxe in New Jersey?

52. Justin - May 7, 2011

Hello I just wanted to know how much is your WWE Goldberg? I live in New Jersey and I just wanted to know is there a shipping in New Jersey?

53. big daddy v is awesome - June 2, 2011

i want big daddy v how much (:D3

54. john Cena and big daddy v - June 4, 2011

John Cena is better but i wouldnt mid having him

55. bill - July 2, 2011

Big Daddy V’s tits need to be a lot bigger. That’s the best part.

56. adam f-troop - July 30, 2011

hey scribbel i love the deluxe classic goldberg but i was wondering if u could possibly make me and deluxe owen hart,ricky steamboat,ken shamrock,diesel,doink the clown,road worrier hawk and animal,psycho sid,x-pac,

57. Eduardo Rocha - April 19, 2012

give me goldberg i’ll pay you

58. Rollins - August 20, 2012

Ive been wanting Goldberg sence he fault his first match begenst hugh morrus and won he is so hard to find because he is the best in history

59. Rollins - August 20, 2012

That is the best Goldberg action figure ever.How mutch would you sell Goldberg for

Rollins - August 20, 2012

oh and thank you

60. article de banque - September 24, 2012

I every time spent my half an hour to read this webpage’s content daily along with a mug of coffee.

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