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New Custom: 1 of 25 Ric Flair March 9, 2008

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs.

Besides the 1 of 100s, the limited figures that eluded collectors most are the nearly impossible to find 1 of 25 releases that were only exclusive to Jakks employees. One of these was the wicked Ric Flair with the rhinestone robe. The beautiful robe and the unique way it was packed (with a hole behind the box) makes it one of the most wanted rare figures today. On eBay this week is a custom reproduction of this Ric Flair:



1. zulbrunei - March 9, 2008

Great! I’m looking forward to those figures!

2. jonty - March 9, 2008

i want the figer curry man off tna big dady v off ecw and all so rellik off tna and lilian garcia off raw

3. tommy - April 8, 2012

Where can I purchase this and what is the price? I am also lokking for the retirement Flair figure with the blue robe.

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