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Awesome New Figures Coming Soon! January 15, 2008

Posted by skribbel24 in Collection.

I’m looking forward to these new figures coming soon!

Rey Mysterio. I know we’ve had 345 Rey Mysterio figures since RA1, but this one is my favorite. I love Louis Vuitton, and I thought it was awesome when he wore LV monograms on his mask and tights on TV. Granted that they can’t use the LV logo and had to make do with generic shapes, I’ll still be getting this one. Here’s a pic of the actual attire and the figure:

CM Punk. ECW champion CM Punk has gotten a bunch of new headscans lately, but none better than his Adrenaline scan with Elijah Burke. Recently we got a PPV17 proto of a kickass CM Punk attire, and how perfect it would have looked with the new scan! Here’s a photoshop I made (credit me!) of the attire with the new head (left) and the original figure (right):

Internet Exclusive Undertaker vs. The Great Khali. Speaking of headscans, I won’t be getting this one for sure, but Undertaker has a cool new headscan that may interest a lot of collectors:

Cactus Jack. I’m glad I passed on the Classics 3-pack, this is the definitive Cactus Jack figure and none other comes close! I wouldn’t mind getting two or three of this one. Cloth shirts? Check. Weapons? Check. New headscan? Check. New hand mould? Check. What more can you ask for? BANG BANG!

Boogeyman. Finally, the Boogeyman figure even non-Boogeyman fans will buy. The detail is just spectacular. The new steel steps platform is also cool.

Before I get emails of “How much?”, I’m not selling any of the figures above. These are products that will be released in stores soon. I can’t wait for these to come out in stores and you can bet that these will be on my display shelf soon!



1. rey mysterio`s #1 fan - January 20, 2008


:WINK: 😉

2. WM.L.IV - January 30, 2008

ok SKRIBBEL YOUR THE MAN ,im sold on your work , now hook me up and let me know where i can purchase them at!!!!!!1

3. cole - May 6, 2011

thats awesome

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