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How to make an action figure August 8, 2007

Posted by skribbel24 in Customs.

On the latest issue of WWE Magazine, there is an interesting article called “How to make an action figure”. It takes a look at the process of capturing the head scans of the superstars, developing the prototypes, and selling them at retail stores. I took a picture of the page, thumbnailed below.

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1. jordan flanagan - August 13, 2007

where is sting on ebay

2. skribbel24 - August 13, 2007

@ jordan flanagan. You can purchase Sting directly from me by emailing me at skribbel24@yahoo.com, thanks.

3. CRA - August 23, 2007

i finally recived the four figures they look great looks like they r company made ive already asked for him to do five more for me hopefully he’ll post them on his website when there done

4. Paul Leonard - September 21, 2007

I realy want a rock figure, but the 2002 version with full tattoo!!

5. wwe divas pic - December 14, 2007

wwe divas pic

Thanks for the nice read, keep up the interesting posts..

6. Shadi - January 3, 2008

Hey sup, do you have any macho mans from the wcw era like a nwo or wolfpac one. If not are you going to make one? Please send me a pic give me the answer through my e-mail.

Do you have any more “the crow” stings? If yea can you send me a picture of it through e-mail with the price. Do you have any wolfpac stings? can you send me a pic if you do have one? with the price please.

Thank you love all ur customs! sorry if it bothers you!

7. killer - March 13, 2008

wow sweet

8. killer - March 13, 2008

wow love this

9. killer - March 13, 2008

killer my guy

10. killer - March 13, 2008


11. teamratedcds - March 26, 2008

can you tell me how much a custom ahmed johnson and a custom british bulldog would be

12. skribbel24 - March 27, 2008

@ teamratedcds. Email me at skribbel24@yahoo.com for inquiries. Thanks.

13. simonf - April 19, 2008

hi which magazine is it and + can u make a detailed description of how 2 do it

14. Gustavo - July 4, 2008

how much would it cost me if i wanted brock lesnar

15. Bruce - September 4, 2008

hi ièm really interested in an owen hart and a british bulldog could you let me know how much please.

16. OTH22 - September 6, 2008

how much would a americam bad ass undertaker and a kofi kingston cost?

17. Kieron - October 9, 2008

Hi How Do You Make Them And How Do you Do the Tattoos You Are The Best I Have Seen!

18. Joe - February 7, 2009

How much would it cost if u made me blink 182 in ruthless agression or u only do wrestling cuz i have seen the kiss figure

19. Elliotray - April 4, 2009

I love wrestling.

20. Elliotray - April 4, 2009

im the one

21. Elliotray - April 4, 2009

can you do a description of how to make the wwe figures.

22. alex - April 7, 2009

hey skribb im one of ur biggest fans i would really like it if u would make a matt morgan deluxe, a hbk and y2j unfogiven attire, and also the colons deluxe 2 pack or just primo by himself deluxe i would relly appreciate it if u would make at least one of the those thx 🙂

23. devin - June 20, 2009

hey plz tell me how much a summerslam 2002 hbk and a mancho man blue attire woiud cost thanks

24. devin - June 20, 2009

forgot to say how much woud a sting nwo sting red wolf pack and 2 short haired stings one in the blue and one in the usa

25. Neil Phillips - October 24, 2009

How Much Will It Cost For A Brock Lesnar Deluxe Custom

26. nikki - July 13, 2011

how do u make mason ryan action figure can u send me how u do it om my hotmail account. Ifi do it wrong can u tell me how much is it. i will probably buy it from u on saturday ok thanks

27. nikki - July 13, 2011

how much is it for a mason ryan figure.

28. Poison Bee - July 14, 2011

How much would a Miz cost?

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