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Backstage with Tommy Dreamer and Goldust July 4, 2007

Posted by skribbel24 in Collection.

Backstage tonight . . .

Tommy Dreamer is pumping iron, and what’s this? Goldust is here!

What? Is Goldust flirting with Tommy?

What the…!!! Tommy just hit Goldust with his dumbell–on the face!!!

Goldust must have some loose teeth there, and Tommy’s picking up the guitar…

He just hit him in the head with that guitar! That damned guitar!

Oh my, Goldust is broken in pieces just like that guitar!!!

Tommy’s reaching for something…

Oh no…It’s the great equalizer!!!

Don’t do it Tommy, don’t…BAH GAWD!!!

and now he’s choking him with that sledgehammer!

Tommy goes airborne…

and the bench is broken in half!!! Goldust is now a bloody pulp!!!

Tommy’s not done yet! He’s looking for something…

No way, no… HE’S GOT A GUN!!!


All because he flirted with Tommy Dreamer!



1. highdensity - July 4, 2007

roid rage?

2. Paul324 - July 16, 2007

lol, i love it all, just how dreamer does it!

3. name - July 16, 2007

hardcore, tbh

4. alex - August 20, 2007

2 words…NO STRING

you should of used string..

5. DaKillaman - November 28, 2008

Man this was funny nice work.

6. almigo - June 25, 2009

He’s hardcore, he’s hardcore…

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