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My Championship Belt Collection February 15, 2007

Posted by skribbel24 in Collection.

When I was a youngster, I always dreamed of holding a real championship belt. In 1994, I was at the ringside seat of a WWF event when Bret Hart, title belt in hand, walked in front of me. I remember the first time I touched the steel–man, what a rush! When I started working and started earning money for myself I vowed to own one of those bad boys.

The very first belt I bought was the World heavyweight championship, then held by Triple H as the champion of Raw. It was a great belt, but I ended up selling it.

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The champ I grew up watching as a kid (oh, those magical years of thinking wrestling was real) was Hulk Hogan, and what belt better to symbolize Hogan’s reign than the Winged Eagle belt. During those years, one of my all-time favorite icons Ultimate Warrior was the Intercontinental champion. Needless to say, WrestleMania VI was a huge event for me, so I used the proceeds of my World heavyweight belt sale to buy these two belts:

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Soon after, I met Mick Foley. Seeing that I didn’t have any other belt at the time that Foley officially wore, I thought that the Winged Eagle would work since after all, it IS the Hardcore belt before it was smashed into a million pieces. So my Winged Eagle to this day has Foley’s autograph on the strap:

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Later on, John Cena came out on TV with a spinning US belt. Everyone hated it, but I thought it was a nice and unique belt to own. Good thing I didn’t have money back then, which delayed my purchase until Cena won the WWE title at WrestleMania started wearing the spinner version of the belt. My spinner has been customized with a gold tip, and the orange jewels have been replaced with clear faux diamonds.

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So I thought, wow, this should probably be my last belt. These things aren’t cheap! Until I came across a belt I could not refuse to buy. It was the Attitude version of the WWF title, with the sixth Property of the WWF plate. This version doesn’t come by everyday, and the “WWF” belt fetches a good price everytime on eBay. Needless to say, I went ahead and bought it. This is one of my favorite belts. It is just, simply, BEAUTIFUL. Pictures do not do this belt justice.

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Recently, I was able to get a deal for the Undisputed belt. It is big and heavy, and in my opinion better than the World heavyweight title. It’s the biggest belt out of the ones I own. Wonder when this will return on TV? With this belt on the cover of the History of the WWE Championship DVD, one would assume that this is still THE prestigious WWE title. I guess we’ll have to stick with the spinner for now.

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Just to note one thing, I also have a mini Undisputed belt, that is fixed on the waist of its legendary titleholder, the late, great Latino Heat, Eddie Guerrero:

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Here is a group shot of all my belts displayed in my showcase. They all look impressive displayed together, and I’m glad I’m out of space–that should be the end of the belt shopping!

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1. highdensity - February 16, 2007

awesome belt collection!!! are you sure the undisputed’s the last belt you’re going to get? i don’t think so : ) so many more fabulous belts out there waiting for their chance to join those 5 belts you got there in your display case : )

keep it up !!!!!

2. Eduardo - August 12, 2007

Have you ever considered getting real belts?



3. Jodie - September 30, 2007

I just place a belt on ebay that I purchased for my son in the late 90’s. I am having trouble really finding it anywhere. I know I paid close to 300 for it back then and wonder if you could let me know if I have it over priced or under? I found one that looks like for 599. but do not know if it is the same I listed it wwf Deluxe Championship Attitude Belt. Is this right?

Thanks for your help if you have any info.

4. JASON GREENE - October 14, 2007


5. DOMINIC Giacalone - December 2, 2007


6. jacob bishop - December 31, 2007

how much 4 the cena belt?

tj - July 27, 2009


7. Real Belt Collector - February 7, 2008

Sell those toy belts and get a real one from Dave Millican or Reggie Parks.


8. the guy with real belts - February 9, 2008

How much did you spend on that many figs? You could have probably bought a real belt. I personaly recommend Top Rope Belts. (I, btw, am not affiliated with TRB, I just own some of their work and its soooo much better than crappy replicas)

9. canadiankrazymods - April 22, 2008

Sweet belts dude. I got a WWF attitude belt as well. Hoping to pick up a few more, including the IC and eagle titles. Maybe even a spinner (I’d like to see one in person first). Also might get a world title as well.

10. STEVE WILSON - June 22, 2008


11. Chris - August 16, 2008

Send them to canadiankrazymods@gmail.com, love to see that many belts

12. lei-pain - August 16, 2008

im back love your customs

13. jake - August 18, 2008

how much for the undisputed title

14. skribbel24 - August 19, 2008

@ jake. The Undisputed title as well as other belts can be purchased at WWEShop.com.

15. Kevin L - October 14, 2008

hey i was wondering where you got the display case? i don’t know where i can find one at for a wrestling belt. thanks

Eddie M. - September 27, 2010

The absolute best display cases I have ever seen (and bought) were from Modern Office.

The URL is http://modernoffice.stores.yahoo.net/displaycases.html?source=msn

Check it out for yourselves.

16. skribbel24 - October 18, 2008

@ Kevin L. The display case is custom-built.

17. abdullah - March 11, 2009

were do you get the reeal wwe belt

Mark Sperry - July 11, 2009


18. Mark Sperry - July 11, 2009

Dave Millican isn’t the best place to get your belt anymore. He is expensive and the quality isn’t as good as the belts Randy Jackson makes.

If you want to get a real championship belt for a decent price and excellent quality I would choose top rope belts. Randy did my belt and it came out freakin awesome.


19. Razor Ruddiger - July 29, 2009

Too bad Randy doesn’t actually make the belts. He pays (poorly) people to do the work for him, then stamps his name in the leather.

20. lightning - August 19, 2009

to all you belt lovers we used to be tabc belts but we are now rock moutin wrestling belts in regina sk canada,we are in the sheldon williams high school area so how do you all like us now!!!!!!!!!!

21. Clar - September 25, 2009

tabcbelts has just released its first ever solid metal championship belts!


22. RingSkirts - April 22, 2011

Belts are so fun aren’t they Skribs? I have been collecting them since the WWF allowed figures inc to produce them back in 2001. AS of this week i now have 10 total in my collection. Just such a neat piece of history to own. I can relate to the disease of buying these things. And when you see a great deal it’s hard to pass it up especially on the rare belts.

I currently have: WWF attitude with 6th plate (custom added by me), WWF attitude IC belt with 6th plate added by me, WWF Hogan 86, WWF winged eagle, WWF IC classic, Million Dollar Belt, WCW big gold, WCW (92), NWA, and my newest addition AWA. Love to have a complete collection some day.

23. Ken - May 3, 2011

Just a question for you if you have time to reply – I bought a UFC replica belt and was wondering if you could give me some advice on displaying it since you seem to have a lot of experience in this area. Laying the belt open on a flat surface show it amazingly but stresses the leather since the main UFC logo is very rounded – laying it flat would mean having to also mount it which I wouldn’t know where to start. I noticed some people have the belt snapped together in the same position you’d have it if you were wearing it, and this sits nicely oin a shelf for display – however…when I do this with mine I can see quite a bit of stess on the leather. I can see over time how this would be a real bad thing for the leather given that my leather belt at home for my blue jeans has some wrinkles and is mishaped after only a couple months of use (mind you I wouldn’t be wearing the UFC belt lol – but still worry about the stress with it in a display position for a long time).

Any pointers on this? …and an incredible collection I gotta say!

24. skribbel24 - May 3, 2011

@RingSkirts. It’s truly an addicting thing to collect, and even if it tends to be more expensive than other wrestling collectibles, I will always find ways to justify buying it!

@Ken. The best way to preserve your belt is to buy a belt hanger and hang it on the wall. It will keep your leather in pristine shape. If you want to go the extra mile, take a look at what I did: I kept this “wall” enclosed in a dust-free glass. However, just in case your leather stresses by any means, you can always “re-leather” it, as this service is provided by many from the Internet.

25. harry downes - July 11, 2011

can i have them I live at australia 86 high st mascot nsw if you do take them to 86 high st mascot

harry downes - July 11, 2011

but not the wwe championship and world heavyweight championship

26. nicole - June 10, 2014

I bought a belt for my son today at a thrift store like the 1st belt you said you purchased. It has Triple H on the front. It’s a really heavy belt. We can’t find anything about it online. Could you tell me what it could be worth or a link to find the belt somewhere online. I think it’s adult sized replica. We scored it for $25. Not wanted to sale just want to know what we have 🙂 Thanks.

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