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Joy Giovanni Music Video Caps! January 18, 2007

Posted by skribbel24 in WWE.

Joy Giovanni was definitely one of the reasons why I love the WWE Diva Search, and I was really surprised when they fired that sweet piece of ass. I wish the rumors that she’d come back were true. Great news, though, is she currently appears in Avenged Sevenfold’s “Beast and the Harlot” music video! She’s dancing on the pole, stripping, and doing some HLA, now all she needs to do is get naked! These vidcaps were made by me so please credit me if you’re using them. Thanks to WrestlingFigs.com member P00KY for the heads up. Click on the thumbnails to view the full pictures. Enjoy!

joy1.jpg joy2.jpg joy3.jpg joy4.jpg joy5.jpg joy6.jpg joy7.jpg joy9.jpg joy10.jpg joy11.jpg joy12.jpg joy13.jpg joy14.jpg joy15.jpg joy16.jpg joy17.jpg



1. MAGNETICBITCH - January 18, 2007

Nice…i agree she needs to have nude pics.thanks

2. jasonkidd - February 11, 2007

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3. jastintimberlake - February 12, 2007
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Joy Giovanni Music Video Caps! | Skribbel24 Wrestling Figures & Customs

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